Allpets Dikshunarry

Werd (word) Meens (means)


Addishun Morr (addition)
Adorribubble Rilly kewt (adorable)
Akshully Fer shur, fer rill,(actually)
Alluvus Everbuddy (all of us)
Animul/Aminool Wut we is (animal)
Attenshun Not ignorrin (attention)
Bedder/beddur/bettur Almoss bestest (better)
Binniss Not play (business)
Brillunt/Brillyunt Rill smart (brilliant)
Calyfornee/Calyforya Whair Presh livs (California)
Cellarfon Take wit ya fon (cellular phone)
Chow Enny fud (any food or treat)
Creddy Cards Plastik monee (credit cards)
Cud/Kud Able to (could)
Didunt Nope (didn’t)
Diffrunt Not da same (different)
Dyemond/dimund Joowels, like on kollars (diamond)
EAT LOTSA CHOW ALLATIME ChowTester Moddo (motto)
Ecsitted/Ekksited Rilly rilly eegur (excited)
Enjun Makes van go (engine)
Enny/ennie Sum (any)
Everbuddee/evreebuddee all of us (everybody)
Fergit Not remembur (forget)
Fren/frend Buddee, pal (friend)
Fud Chow (food)
Grate Sooper, wunnerful, verry gud. (great)
Gud Kinna grate, not bad (good)
Hed Whair da brayne is (head)
Hooman 2-legger (human)
Howze/howse Whair we liv (house)
Inna Minnit Almoss rite now (in a minute)
Innervewys Meet sumbuddy ta git jobs (interviews)
Invitashun Come wit us (invitation)
Joowels/Joolz Shiny rocks, on labcotes an kollers(jewels)
Kansis Whair Boey Libz (Kansas)
Kewt See “Adoribubble” (cute)
Kontinyoo Keep doin (continue)
Kops/kopz Polise (police)
Kwiet Not lowd (quiet)
Labcote offishul ChowTester attyre (lab coat)
Libarry Whair da docooments an GIF’s live (library)
Liddle/liddul Not big (little)
Lowd Not kwiet (loud)
Mamaz Dawgie Mommee (mama)
MANTIA Maxwell, Alexandria, Nicholas, Thor, Indira and Aphrodite
Mernin Bafore lunchtime (morning)
Minnit Rill short time (minute)
Monee/munnee Stuff yoo buy stuff wiff (money)
Neber/nevur duddent happen (never)
Onlee Jes (only)
Peeples Lotsa 2-leggers (people)
Pepperminz Pig nip (peppermints)
Prolly Mos’ likly (probably)
Rezzamay Da list uf ar gud ‘sperience (resume)
Responsybul Dapendabul (dependable)
Rill/Rilly Yup. Fer shur (real/really)
Sed Tokked (said)
Seriuss/Seryuss Not silly (serious)
Shud Otta (should)
Snaks ‘Tween meels fud (snacks)
Sooper/soopur Grate, gud (super)
Steel Take, widdout askin (steal)
Thow/tho Never-da-les (though)
Treets/treetz Yummy snaks (treats)
Troof Not a fib (truth)
Tukzeedo Kitty formal ware (tuxedo)
Wile at da saym time (while)
Winness Sumbuddy dat saw (witness)
Wuzzent Nope (wasn’t)


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