Bella The Mare Emma Born 2008

Bella Mare Emma 2

Bella Mare EmmaBella is a Maremma, Italian Sheep Dog. Leslie took Bella in September of 2008 at about 6 months of age. Her owner was sad he had to keep her in a kennel outside as he was not around much. Bella came to her new home timid of people and she was frightened of coming in the house for some time.

Bella Mare Emma 2Bella came to love her new older sister Kokua in a short time. Kokua let Bella know that humans areĀ ok, although she still is scared of people not in the family. As time goes by we hope she comes to trust people more but this may be difficult due to her early childhood.

Bella Mare Emma takes care of Leslie WIlliamsBella loves to herd, she instinctively herds any animal and any person who behaves subserviently. Her bark is scary but she has never bitten anyone. She loves to herd Kokua, her sister in love. Bella loves long walks up the mountain on a long lead from the car. She can run several miles before she gets tired.

Bella Mare Emma and Sister KokuaBella has fluffy double coats of fur that repels water well. She absolutely adores small teddy bears, bungee geckos and any other plush toys that she can use to play tug of war with her sister Kokua. Bella has a high energy level and goes through her toys fairly quickly. We always get her toys from Vir-CHew-All because they usually last much longer than our locally bought plushies.

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