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Pounce Fluffiepants

Pounce Fluffiepants is small for a Maine Coon. He’s only 11 1/2 pounds and grey/black striped with bits of tan tossed in and white paws and bib. Pounce has a Jumbo Cat Tail Teaser with the feathers on a stick. Hes’ had it a long time and it’s in very bad shape. The local pet […]

The One and Only Presh


Precious Little-Love bam-bam Killer Salsbury is most famous for “helping me with everything I do” for 13 years. She died of Chronic Kidney Failure (CRF) July 4, 2005 Once photographed on Barb’s shoulder for an article in the Sacramento Bee newspaper, Preshie became very well known, with friends around the world. The cat who started […]

Peppy & Poppy

This is Peppy playing on their perch next to my desk in “our” office. He loved to climb to the very highest level and then come down and play hide and seek with me or Poppy. You can just see the mischief shining in his eyes as he peeps around and out of the different […]