A letter to Vir-Chew-All for a Great Cause

In 2010, Paper Cities Kennel Club held a raffle to earn enough money to purchase a ballistic protection vest for Kronenwetter’s “Canine Cop“, Chip.

Chip was part of the K-9 unit for the village of Kronenwetter.

We received the following gracious letter form a hard working and well known canine lover that we have worked with before… Please read about CHIP and consider helping with the raffle… ~ Barb Downing

Good day!

I hope you remember me – I am Paula Crotteau.  Sue Wiesneske and I put together our raffle every year to benefit a canine cause. We hold the raffle at our annual Paper Cities Kennel Club dog show.  There is no better time of the year to help other dogs because we have an abundance of dog owners, breed enthusiasts and handlers from all over the country visiting our show, as well as locals.  In fact, you have made our raffle somewhat famous on the dog lists on the web.  Thank you so, so much!  I do have very sad news, though.

You may remember our effort two years ago to purchase a ballistic protection vest for Chip, our local police dog.  It was very successful and we were able to purchase the vest for him, thanks to all of our raffle contributors. We wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this without all of you.  It saddens me to have to tell you that Chip passed away three months ago.  Not because he wasn’t protected by his vest, but because he contracted a deadly disease. The Village of Kronenwetter mourns his death. Please take the time to read about Chip, we set up a web page dedicated to him and his legacy. http://www.papercitieskc.org/chip.html

I met him several times personally; he was a great dog, dedicated to his partner- Officer Luis, his family and his community. He had a wonderfully successful career, though very brief and was a ‘rock star’ in this community. The village is left without their canine police officer now and we have set a lofty goal to raise $1000 from our raffle this year to help the Village and Officer Luis purchase and train with another police dog. We are a small, well knit community in the Wausau Wisconsin area. The village board unanimously voted to move forward with the purchase, it’s a done deal and we want to help.

We hope to create raffle baskets containing donations from companies like yours.  All items donated will be labeled with a thank you and contact/purchase information for your organization.  A ‘sponsored by’ board will also be on site listing donators.  Your company name and website will be on our website for a year, so that show participants can contact you in the future if they wish to make purchases.  We anticipate an entry of 700-1000 exhibitors from all over the country and more than 2000 local spectators.  We keep gaining entries every year, I like to think our raffle contributes to the increase!  The dates for our show this year is July 21 & 22nd, 2012 at the Patriot Center in Kronenwetter, WI.

Please, if you can help us – whether this is your first year contributing to the raffle or if you are one of our longstanding contributors, we really need your help. If you could donate just one item to our raffle, you will be making a huge contribution to our effort.  You know the saying…every little bit helps.

We set up a webpage with the obligatory ‘who we are and what we do,’ so I don’t have to bore you with club details if you know us and don’t need to read them again, lol.


If you have any questions at all, we are here to answer them. PaperCitiesKennelClub@Gmail.com

Thanks so much for your consideration,
Paula Crotteau & Sue Wiesneske

Please mail raffle items to:
Sue Wiesneske
307 Grace Street
Schofield WI, 54476

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