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Amy Dawg

Amy Dawg has been a very big influence, far more than her size would tell. There is so much to say about this amazing critter that only the Pet Forums can say it properly. Favorite memories of AmyDawgLee aka AmyWamy. See you at the Rainbow Bridge Amy 🙂 Our hearts go out to you Jill.

ZackNo and The Maglet

Zack and Maggie

ZackNo and The Maglet live together but have been separated because of Zack's surgery. He get's so excited around her that he could damage his sutures. Jill we know you take such incredibly good care for your pups, he couldn't be in better hands. Look at him in his comfy shirt. What a sweetheart. Although […]

Andy Dog

Andy Dog

Andy Dog is off again on another of his marvelous adventures! Andy dog travels the world with Mr Claus. One of his many famous traveling friends. They do get around. Richard, Andy's RL human companion says: Andy is one traveling young doggie! Even though he is only 3, he has been to Mexico three times, […]

Pounce Fluffiepants

Pounce Fluffiepants is small for a Maine Coon. He’s only 11 1/2 pounds and grey/black striped with bits of tan tossed in and white paws and bib. Pounce has a Jumbo Cat Tail Teaser with the feathers on a stick. Hes’ had it a long time and it’s in very bad shape. The local pet […]


Barbs Baby Ducks

Please enjoy the new multimedia story and continuing saga of the coop, the ducks and all the other critters right here at the facebook album These are the days of our Ducks! “Captain Quack, I believe we have arrived” Six day-old Indian Runner Ducks, five girls and one male. Here, Suzie peeks over and says […]

Mik and Minardi

Mik and Minardi

Cheryl, Mik and Minardi we are so happy to see you back and out on walks together. The Pets Forums are awash in sunshine and happiness with your return! “Mik and I went for a walk; he waits for me to tell him it's okay to cross the street.” “Sometimes he gets lazy, but at […]